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What is the best / funniest Kahoot nickname you’ve ever seen or had?

Kahoot has become so much famous that students have started keeping their names on the name of kahoot and they enjoy it by calling it with different way.

The very purpose of kahoot is entertaining students in a complete way. So they are making it comfortable for the students and their future.

There are so many names which students keep for themselves and make even things more interesting for them. Make your study journey beautiful along with kahoot enjoy every bit of it. Everyone study even with or without their will. But now everyone can even make their journey so beautiful and happening if they would want.

Kahoot is just not offer boring materials it offers interesting way, suppose quiz never seemed so interesting until and unless kahoot happened.

So these names even add spice of fun to all the people. The best or one could say funniest name which appeared on the kahoot was do-dirt this was so hilarious and funny. The second which sounded so much funny was gillri and this is also one of the funniest names on the kahoot. Actually students are enjoying these things and it becomes fashion to them doing such things.

So, students call by such names more than their original name. There are more other names too such as Acid Soldner, brownesque, sollet etc. just enjoy these funny and laughable things with quizzes, research and other things explore yourself more and more.

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