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How to use WhatsApp without Mobile Number

Whatsapp is leading messaging apps among smartphone users. There are lots of tips and tricks to use WhatsApp and here am sharing one of the trick here. WhatsApp is now handling by leading social network Facebook. Apart from the basic information here am sharing the some interesting trick. I have also been using WhatsApp from some years I have been found some amazing tricks and one of them that I want to share with you right now.

WhatsApp. If you want to use Whats App for your smartphone then you have to create account in Whatsapp after installing it to your phone. While creating WhatsApp account you need to enter your mobile number and this one is then main thing in WhatsApp where you can receive code to activate WhatsApp and to receive messages or someone finally to find your Whatsapp Account but here am sharing the trick that How to use WhatsApp without Mobile Number.

Oh. That’s it, you want that’s only then you are landed in correct position.  Now we will go with the trick using WhatsApp without Mobile Number step by step guide.

How to use WhatsApp without Mobile Number

We will start step by step guide to start using WhatsApp without Mobile Number

> You need to delete your current WhatsApp app means I mean uninstall your current WhatsApp app, if you are using it.

> Know install new WhatsApp account again after deleting the old one.

>  After installing new Whatsapp App open that App to create new WhatsApp account and then in the process you need to add your mobile number in the provided box to verify your number then here comes the thing just do what I will say. Then switch your Smart Phone to Flight mode and this trick works here to block your messages.

> Then you need to add the mobile number in provided box as for verification and they will send the messages to your number, as your phone in Flight mode you not receive any messages. Then you need to try alternative method to verify your number through SMS. Then select the alternative method as Check through SMS or Verify through SMS.

> Just enter your email address in the mobile number box and click on submit and immediately click on cancel

> You need to download spoof messages apps for your android mobile then if you are using iPhone, you need to install Fake-A-Message App.

  • After that you need to install spoof messages apps for your device. If you have iPhone then install Fake-A-Message and if you have Android then install spoof text message.
  • After installing these apps you need to go to the outbox of those apps and send the given details for verification To: +44790047295 from: (country code) + (Mobile number) Message: Email Adress.

Now you can use this phone number for verification as you already sent the details to spoof text message.

That’s it. If you think it is valuable information then share it with your friends. Any suggestion or queries regarding this article are openly posted through comments using below form.

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