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Top 10 Most Visited websites on the world

Top 10 Most Visited websites on the world : Websites are the major sources for the people that who want to gain knowledge about the current trends. If you are looking for education stuff, then this could be the only solution for you to learn in a short span of time. Attending classes for the required stuff has become less in recent years due to the domination of the internet. By following many websites, simply you can gain your knowledge. However, there is also a drawback available on all the websites, but it is all about your way of handling the website. Here we are going to check out top 10 websites in the world that most of the people often preferring.

  1. Wikipedia.org

It is the site which helps to provide all the data that you want to know. For example, if you are looking for the movie and waiting to know about the complete details, here you can check it out. Likewise, for all the status you can search the content from Wikipedia. For your information, it is almost using by most of the people across this globe. It is also mainly active by most of the admin to update the content related to the stuff. It means you can get a continuously updated stuff from here.

  1. Baidu.com

Baidu is one of the most popular search engines in China. Here you could see the Google Chinese which is being dubbed for some of the good reasons. When coming to use this search engine, you can see it is almost similar to the Google. This powerful search engine is mainly used for websites, videos, audios and more things to stuff inside of search engine. Also, it is very simple for the people to access.

  1. Reddit.com

As we all know that Reditt.com is one of the major websites in America. It is largely used by all people across the nation. This website is only about for the discussion being shared with the strangers. If you are seeking for doubt clarification on some topics, you can post as a question and get related answers in a short time. Here you can also post the links and text posts directly without any difficulties.

  1. Taobao.com

Maybe this could be the strange thing that you are hearing this site for the first time. But one must know that this website is almost equal to the retails store websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and others. Yes, it is one of the most popular online stores that you can purchase whatever you want. For your information, it is developed in China.

  1. Yahoo.com

It is an internet portal where you can use this as a web search engine and also worked for communicating purpose as a mail. Among the many search engines, this could be one of the best search engines that stand out for a long time.

  1. Google.com

This is the most used online website to access the data, information, streaming, etc from online. Google is a US based company which has the collective information of all the data in every field. It exists in most of the countries around the world. This is the leading and most trustable website to get any data or documents in online mode. You can search for any news, information, updates, etc from the Google search engine.

  1. Facebook.com

Facebook is also one of the topmost sites where people are engaging and spending their time most than the other issues. Using the facebook.com anyone can create an account for their own and connect with the people they know. Everyone knows that Facebook is a social media platform for connecting with the online world.

You can convey your views through the Facebook which can be viewed by anyone whom you are connected with on online.

  1. Youtube.com

YouTube is the biggest website to search for the favorite videos, from the online mode. Here you can get unlimited videos contents for free using the internet facility. You can add the videos from offline modes from your account. In YouTube, you can create your own YouTube channel to upload and download the high-quality videos at any time. YouTube has many followers from different countries around the globe.

  1. Qq.com

This is one of the famous message sending sites developed in the late 90’s. You can send a text to anyone using this site. It operates in an online mode in different countries. A Huge amount of people uses this site to send the texts to their neighbor and friends. The amount of usage gets increased day to day. Using this site people can send text simultaneously each other in online mode.

  1. Google.co.in

This is nothing but Google page where most of the people use it to search a different kind of data like videos, news, information’s, audio, sports, etc. Some users will get increased every day and remain as one of the top sites around the world.

Most visited websites in the US

As per your information, there are many websites usually used by the people. But when comes to most visited websites are undoubtedly Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, etc. According to the survey, these are preferable sites by the people of US. They trust those mentioned websites more than anything else to search in online mode.

Most visited websites in India

When comes to most visited websites in India, the list goes along with the world’s topmost websites. People have changed their perception after getting the freedom on online accessibility. In India, people visit Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and more to get the features they looking from the online. On the other side people also visit the IRCTC websites to book their train tickets often in India.

Most popular websites for college students

There are plenty of websites available in the online platform for helping the students to develop their skills and ability to sustain in this competitive world also to complete their course. Some of the websites frequently visited by the students are lifehack, Wikipedia, eBay and much more.

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