October 23, 2020


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Kahoot Education Guide

In case if you are not aware of Kahoot then it is one of the most popular free web-based programs available across the online marketplace. It will allow the teachers or professors to post various questions for their students to respond from the available answers digitally or electronically through their desired devices. The teachers or professors can utilize the data that are recorded with each student answering time and their response time to assess them.

This is one of the engaging and fun tools which are utilized to challenge and as well as access the learners. You can find numerous available Kahoot types such as Challenges, Discussions, Jumbles, Surveys, and Quizzes. Now, we are going to walk through the Kahoot quizzes form and how teachers or professors will utilize the same to support Mathematics learners. Later, you can refer to this website to know more information on Kahoot Discussions, Jumbles, and Surveys.

Kahoot Quiz

The Kahoot Quiz is specially designed with numerous questions and provided with four or two multiple-choice answers to select from the available list. Teachers or Professors will play the Kahoot which are developed by other users or create their customized quizzes or edit & share the quizzes of other teachers.

Teachers can start playing a game by creating and displaying the Game PIN on their screen. Children should access the Kahoot official website by providing the Game PIN number, full name, and connect to the appropriate game. You can start the Quiz competition after the children are connected to it.

Important Facts of Kahoot Quiz

Find below the list of some important facts of Kahoot Quiz for your reference:

  • Children are advised to utilize their desired computer or mobile device to join the quiz. They can view the list of questions and their respective allotted time to answer on the display screen. Each multiple-choice question is provided with different shapes or colors (answers) to just tap or click on their desired device. It is also possible to randomize the Kahoot Quiz so that it will assist the children to memorize the Quiz question order and answer the same.
  • Based on the response time and speed, the students can score 1000 points (at a maximum) and the top-most 5 students will be displayed on the leaderboard. Each student will receive feedback on their performance within the classroom. Most of the teachers may not prefer this feature however; this is a useful tool that assists to motivate the students.
  • The children will receive an instant result or feedback on their display screen, the correct response with a green screen and an incorrect response with a red screen. Teachers should check the instant feedback on the student’s display screen. This will assist the teachers to easily understand the student’s progression and guide them in a proper way.
  • Teachers or Professors can utilize the data by downloading the results in a CSV or Microsoft Excel file format. The result will display each student’s response time and as well as the correct or incorrect answers. It is much easier to support the learners by providing the appropriate feedback by the Teacher or Professor.

The above-mentioned article will assist you to understand the Kahoot Quizzes and its important facts for your reference. You can also visit the other articles to know more about the Kahoot Discussions, Surveys, or Jumbles. Thank you very much for reading this article.