December 5, 2020

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How to get started with Kahoot!

Kahoot is one of the best and most popular applications that can be played within a group or team settings, i.e. Classroom or meeting hall. The lesson is united and the game will be displayed using a shared device and students can use their preferred devices to answer the questions. It is similar to a campfire moment and everyone can look up to celebrate the moment with fun.

Kahoot – Game Playing Process

The Kahoot games will be displayed with the help of a shared screen such as an interactive whiteboard, a laptop, or a Smart TV. It is also advisable to utilize the screen sharing applications or tools such as Google Hangouts,, or Skype for allowing the students to join across the globe. Students can use any devices like desktop (PC), laptop, tablet, or a smartphone along with a stable internet connection and a web browser to play the Kahoot game.

Locate the appropriate game to play – You can find numerous public or private Kahoot games listed within this platform. It is much easier to browse & locate the appropriate Kahoot game from the home page or using a relevant topic. Even students can choose curriculum-aligned games from Science, Math, or other subjects. You can also customize your own Kahoot game and tap the Play icon.

Launch the Kahoot game to join – The players can join by starting the Team or Classic mode games and modify the settings such as control the streak bonus for answers, randomize the question’s order, and many more. The top-most screen will display the unique Game PIN and players can input this PIN number to join the game from Android or iOS devices. You can install the Kahoot app to join the game using a web browser on your device.

Playing the Kahoot Game – After viewing the students under the Waiting or Lobby screen, you can tap the Start icon. Make use of your mouse or space bar key to choose the next question within the game. Once completed the quiz, you can press the “Feedback & Results” icon to download or save your quiz scores or play the game once again. 

Kahoot – How to play the Game

You can follow the below-provided instructions on how to play the Kahoot game:

  • Log in or Sign in to your Kahoot account.
  • Tap the Discover icon to browse and locate your favorite game from the available huge database and press the Play icon.
  • On the existing screen, you can select the Classic or Team game.
  • It will launch the game lobby for the entire players and display the unique game PIN number.
  • The Players or Students can utilize their own devices or Kahoot app to enter their full name and game PIN number to join the game.
  • Once the entire players are available within the game lobby then you can tap the Start icon.
  • The players can use their own devices to answer the list of available questions displayed on their shared screen. Each multiple-choice question is provided with different shapes or colors (answers) to just tap or click on their desired device.
  • The top-most 5 students will be displayed on the leaderboard. Each player can view their rank & points using their own devices.
  • Once it is completed, the players can view the winner’s full name displayed on the entire shared screen.