December 5, 2020

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How do you know if he is using secret conversations?

Secret conversation which will create ephemeral nature that will allow you to completely control how long your conversation is carried out to a person. If you are sending a secret conversation you will immediately hide the messages or sometimes you will delete the conversation in your mobile this will create question mark to your surrounding that why you have deleted your conversation.

Is there a secret text app for iPhone?

Yes, there is some of the secret text app that is available for hiding your messages in your iPhone. It is one of the very easiest methods to hide your text messages or you can even hide and lock your messages without any review information. You can choose the best option that is available in the market for both paid and free versions are available you can choose the best according to your convenient. Some of the free applications that are available are cover me, wire and signal. These are the best application which will help you to hide your text messages in your iPhone.

Is there an app to hide text message on iPhone?

Yes, there are applications that are available to hide text messages on your iPhone applications are vault: you can easily block your call and SMS which is one of the easiest applications that makes your work very comfortable in one package you can block your entire private incoming calls, missed calls, SMS as per your private mode option. It is the application that you can control all your private contacts, call logs, messages privately it can stored in a safer place and also you can assign some numeric password. It very well works in iPhone. The only disadvantages it will increase the hidden folder encryption and it will slow down your work process in the home screen.

Can you hide i message conversation?

Text messages can be hidden for your personal use if you want to hide your sensitive messages in iPhone, you can immediately disable the lock screen preview option message and notifications.

How do I make text messages private?

This option can be easily done in your iPhone when you go to default settings venue find notification center in that scroll down and then include the section and select the messages and here you can scroll down to show preview in which the feature will be turned off. So finally you can communicate your personal things without any worries and you can easily do conversation of text messages in a private way.

How do I hide things on my iPhone?

In iPhone by using vault application you can easily hide the entire data. In this application you can easily lock your photo album, text messages, application stores, call log extra and which is one of the very easiest ways to hide all your status in your iPhone and it is one of the best applications that are available in the market.

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