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15 ways to get more (Active and Real )followers on Instagram : The Best Guide

15 ways to get more followers on Instagram

Instagram has now become one of the most popularly used social media sites which totally has changed the concept of being socialized. It is the best way to get familiar with your friends and other persons which you mostly wanted to know more about. You may have seen some of the profiles with a large number of followers on Instagram and could have been thought that how to get more likes and followers on Instagram for free.

In the world of digital media marketing, the social media platforms are one of the best options to get familiarized your product. In case you are working with digital media marketing you need to have more followers to your page or profile so that, if you promote a product on it, you could easily get more likes and more chances of getting that product more familiarized.

Here, on this topic, we are generally explaining you about the 15 best ways for getting more followers on your Instagram account easily.

Complete your Instagram profile properly:

The first thing you need to do for increasing the number of followers to your account is to complete your profile fully and properly along with your picture. A fully filled profile is enough capacity to increase the number of followers to your account. It is the best way to let the other people know about you more. A completely filled profile on any social media site is quite enough to let your friends and family members know about the fact that you have created an account and they will automatically start following you.

Start following the suggested users:

Various social media sites like Instagram provide you the list of suggested users which you can easily start following. This is the best way of allowing the people know about you more and more. For this, you have two options in Instagram: one is Discover people with included plus sign and the other one is the Profile option which you can easily go and scroll down to start following number of people. It is the best way to get real Instagram followers fast free.

Connect your contact list with your Instagram account: It is one of the best ways to get real Instagram followers to your account and too for absolutely free. When you connect our contact list with your Instagram, all the contacts from facebook as well as phone contacts which are added to your list will get automatically notified with the notification messages sent to them. This is the best option for increasing your both personal as well as business circle. As soon as you started them following, they will get notified with the altering messages and might enable them to follow you if they are interested.

Try to make posts regularly: Once you have successfully created your Instagram account, the next question that arises in your mind is how to get more followers and likes on Instagram. The answer is quite simple and interesting; post regularly. Regular posting of your content on Instagram might enable the people to learn about you more and more. It is the best way of getting more likes and followers. Most of the people want interesting, unique and fresh content, therefore try not to post bundles of posts multiple times a day. You can also go with the option of posting the content on the same time every day.

Tag friends: The best answer to the question is that how to increase Instagram followers’ hack is to tag your friends in your Instagram posts. Tagging friends to your posts enable them to let them know about you and your post more and more. You can also ask your friends to share your posts by tagging their friends and so on. It will help you a lot in enhancing your follower’s circle more and more. More will the number of shares of your posts more will be the number of people get you know about you and your posts and hence more will be the chances of getting more likes and more followers.

Effective use of Hashtags: Hashtags is the best option for getting a new audience to your post or account. It is a kind of categorized featuring of your product on various social media platforms like Instagram. Usually, the Instagram users are allowed to use about 30 hashtags on a single post at a time. But sometimes it might cause your post spammy and odd if adding more hashtags to it. For best results, you can add up to 5 to 10 hashtags to your account. Try to use most popular hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts.

Get featured your images: It is one of the best options to enhance the number of followers to your account. Get featured enables your followers and other people to share your images and too with your permission. In this process, the entire credit of the featured image goes to the linked account and hence works a lot in raising the number of your followers and too absolutely for free.

Engage the people to your account with the comments: You can ask questions and opinions of the people to your related post might help you a lot in finding a larger number of comments on it. It is the best method of engaging your more and more followers to the related posts and hence which will surely increase the visibility of your post to their followers also. It means that more will be the visibility of your post, more will be the number of people gets connected to it and hence more will be the chances of having more followers.

Go with the other social media platforms: It is one of the best and must to have an idea while thinking of increasing the number of followers to your account. You can easily go with various social media sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and much more which you can easily utilize for attaining more followers to your account. You can easily do it by asking your friends on these social media sites to follow you on Instagram.

Link your Instagram account to the blogging comment: It is one of the best and most common methods of increasing followers on your Instagram account used by bloggers. In the blog comment section, whenever you leave your comment with your Instagram address, the interested people most probably visit your Instagram account in order to learn more about you and hence increase the chances of followers to your account.

Promote your account to your email subscribers: You can easily get your Instagram account familiar by promoting it on various email addresses. It is one of the easiest way of enhancing the number of followers to your account more rapidly and too free of cost. You can easily do it by adding your Instagram information on your email newsletters, and email reminders etc. Do share with these sources also whenever you make a post.

Choose the perfect timing for making posts: Choosing the best time for making posts could add more in the number of followers. It is believed that posting your images or posts in the afternoon is the best time to go with. It is the perfect time when most of the people are active on social media sites and hence works more in enhancing the visibility of your post among others account. It ultimately affects the viewers and also increases the chances of followers count to your account.

Perfect content: If are asking you to add perfect content to your account for increasing the number of followers to your profile does not mean that we are talking about the content writing or blogging. Perfect content for your post is also very much necessary to attract a number of people to it. It helps in enhancing the interest of people in your posts and hence may also help in increasing the number of followers to the account.

Allow your profile to be suggested with the similar accounts: Whenever you started following an account, the Instagram tells you that you have already connected to similar account before or you have such more contents which you can easily follow if you are willing to. This is the perfect way to start following others which ultimately works for creating interest of others in your account also.

Tag your photos with the related place: Whenever you have to go to a place and have clicked pictures there, always try to post them along the description of the picture along with tagging the name of the place with them. Tagging that place to your post will enable it to make it visible for the people related to that place and hence they can also make comments on your post easily. It will help you a lot in maximizing your number of likes and followers to your account.








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