Wed. Apr 1st, 2020

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funny kahoot names

you can use these names

  • Buddy the Pug
  • Bames Jerm
  • Thou Fool
  • Sock Sucker
  • Chuck
  • Andi Gomezaround
  • FakeTaxi
  • Por Quí?

these names are really nice names

  • Food (my friend had a vaccination that day and she nearly blacked out so they gave her a cookie. It’s technically food and I was inspired by it.)
  • Food 2 (continuation)
  • Revenge of the Food (we didn’t win the kahoot last time, so we sought revenge.)
  • Salt & Vinegar (we smelt salt & vinegar in the classroom; so why not?)
  • Glen Coco (random thought and the thing is, I actually won that day. You go Glen Coco!)
  • I lava you (in a volcano quiz)
  • History4life (in a geography class…)

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